"The two most important days in your life: the one you were born and the one you found out for which purpose." 

(Mark Twain)

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Today, leading communities and churches are experiencing dramatic results by providing Marriage Mentoring to premarital couples, married couples in need of enrichment, and even those ready to "call it quits."

Trained lay couples can have a profound impact transforming their community and church. It’s the process of having a seasoned, experienced and trained couple (nobody said anything about being “perfect”) come alongside a less experienced couple to help them.

Sadly, while the vast majority of weddings take place in churches, fewer than 5% of churches utilize lay Marriage Mentors and only about 30% require couples to take a relationship assessment as part of their marriage preparation.
That is a tragic, lost opportunity to provide engaged couples with the skills they will need for a successful marriage.
We want to change that by offering several training options that can be customized to fit the specific needs of your church or organization.




Mentors’ Testimonials

"We have never been to any marriage mentor training before. This was our first time and it has been a great game changer for us and a valuable opportunity helping us move forward.

We got to know Rainer and Kerstin when we got trained as Marriage Mentors in Canada. Their love and passion for what they do helped us to get connected with them short in time. Both set a safe and secure environment for us, allowing us to be part in what they accomplish for God's kingdom.

May your hearts be blessed. We would love to follow you on your journey ahead."

Romeo & Leah Esteban, Surrey/ Canada


"In September 2012, we attended our training at 'Relate Works', led by Rainer and Kerstin Knaack.

Despite our life experience of 34 years of marriage and 4 years of leading pre-marriage and marriage enrichment courses, attending the 'Relate Works' seminar made us examine our marriage more closely.

This led us to changing some of the habits that prevented us from being as supportive and intimate in our marriage as we could be. Admitting weaknesses and embracing change is a difficult thing for us, but when faced with God’s word and the encouragement of sensitive, fellow believers, we were able to make the changes necessary to make our marriage magnificent.

You may wonder why it takes about 30 hours to do this kind of education. Same with us - initially, we were a little reluctant to spend three full days investing in this education, but we have been blessed beyond measure in doing so:

It takes time to absorb the material presented and it is in the observing of how mentoring is done that the real learning takes place. We needed time to practice mentoring, to learn from our own and each others’ strengths, as well as areas that could be improved.

Rainer and Kerstin have a strong passion for enriching marriages and spent almost a year assembling the best material available, and adding to it, to form this powerful concept. Having gone through the seminar ourselves, we have nothing but praise for the teaching provided by Rainer and Kerstin, as well as for the material we got to work with.

Our world needs to understand how good marriage can be and needs the tools to make marriage great. Sadly, most couples struggle with both the vision and lack of tools to make their relationship not only go the distance but to be great.

Everyone in a relationship can benefit from what 'Relate Works' has to offer.

Both of us are more than thankful that we could take the seminar by 'Relate Works' and we can’t wait to begin walking with other couples to help make their marriages great based on the material included.

Rainer and Kerstin, we have been learning a lot. Thanks for your wisdom and insight. You are an amazing couple and God will do great things through you both. We are glad that you have come into our lives."

Johan & Freda Loeve, Vancouver/ Canada