The title of the 'Value' class can be translated as 'valuable' or 'appreciative'.

He is conceived for married couples, unmarried couples and singles or singles who aspire to a divine marriage.

The duration is scheduled for 8 to 9 evenings, i. for 8-9 consecutive weeks. Of course, a week can be left out in between, i. be attached at the back, if one of the evenings on a public holiday or similar. should fall.

So far we could have the course in small (two couples as a participant) and in a large circle (18 couples as participants or 12 couples and 9 singles, etc.) to take place - depending on the number of participants and participant pairs as well as the existing Ehementoren pairs.

The scope of the license set (per location) includes:

- Instructor book for the detailed preparation of the respective session incl. Any work materials as copy templates. You can find the overview of this hardcover-bound printed matter in the appendix.

- HD recordings of all 9 evenings via the online archive.

- Approximately 2-hour training by Skype, Zoom, Facetime, etc. Alternatively, there would be the possibility of instruction at your place, possibly in conjunction with the teaching on the opening evening by us in person. This is ultimately a matter of financial burden.

Teaching can therefore be taught either by means of the ladder book with your own ladders or by means of the recorded evening - a mixture would also be conceivable, depending on how much capacity is available for the preparations: instagram

Following the 45-50 min. Teaching follows a small (pee) break and then go directly into the various small groups with 3-4 couples or max. 5 singles. Each group is led by a pair of Ehementors.

Here is a little insight into the way the sessions are structured in terms of content:

The license fees are as follows:

Main license incl. HD recordings of all teaching units € 369, - / CHF 443, - One-time license per location plus shipping Ladder book including 2-hour leader training € 139, - / CHF 167, - One-time license per printed book plus shipping


1x participant set (folder & pen, without book) € 11, - / CHF 14, - per person (single) plus shipping € 19, - / CHF 23, - per couple plus shipping

On request you can order for the participants (couples) the so-called Mentee set, which we have very good experience:

You could do this, for example always order before the start of a value course as soon as the final number of participants is known: (or

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