Why mentoring?

We recommend everyone who seeks for a life-long marriage or relationship to think about choosing a Mentor Couple. No matter what stage of life you are in, you need someone to coach you.

All sorts of organizations use the mentoring process to make people’s thinking and behavior better at what they do. In medicine, doctors mentor younger doctors. In music, musicians mentor other musicians.


It works. We learn best when we have trustful people who can speak into our lives and ministry. Proverbs 19:20 says, “Get all the advice you can and be wise the rest of your life.”

We will always need a coach - no matter how old we get or how successful we become. Lebron James is one of the best basketball players on the planet, yet, he still needs a coach. You will never get to a point in your life when you can say, “I’ve learned it all. I don’t need anybody else to help me.”

A passionate Mentor Couple brings out the best of you in three areas: your roles, your goals, and your soul. Mentors give you perspective. They help you look at yourself and your marriage or other circumstances from the outside. We cannot always see what we’re doing outside of our own perspective. We see from our own limited focus. We need somebody else in our life to say, “Have you thought about…? What about this? What about that?”

RelateWorks® would not be where it is today without the people who have poured their lives into us. Proverbs 15:22 says, “Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisors they succeed.” What God has done through us since 2008 hasn’t happened because we are smarter than others. It is because we have had great mentors and advisors. They are people we have bounced ideas off and gotten feedback from.

If we were to sit down with you, we would learn some things that would make us better instructors and mentors. We are sure of it. You’ve had experiences that we haven’t had - and vice versa.

Successful people give off clues. Look for those clues. Pull them out and learn from them.

Getting feedback from mentors is absolutely critical. If you don’t get feedback, you’re going to get off course. During all the Apollo trips to the moon, those spaceships had to make constant course corrections. The earth was turning and the moon was turning. To make it, the astronauts had to change the course of their ship, and the only way they could do that was to get feedback.

We all need to make course corrections from time to time in marriage and relationships as well. To make those corrections, you’ll need someone on the outside of your world to give you feedback. If you’re not open to feedback from your mentors, you’re not going to learn and you’re not going to grow.

Husbands and wives, think about a mentor in your marriage!

Whether you’re 17, 27, 37, 57, 77 or 107, there is someone you can learn from. Find a couple with character. Find a couple with skills you desire. Make sure you find the couple you trust.

We are glad to help you find a Marriage Mentor Couple. In case you as a married couple fulfill crucial requirements, we can help you become a certified RelateWorks® Marriage Mentor Couple.

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"The two most important days in your life are the one you were born and the one you found out for which purpose."

(Mark Twain)




Mentees' Testimonials

"Rainer and Kerstin can be characterized by a special and profound understanding of relationship and marriage. Along with practical and humorous advice on communication, similarity, differences and dealing with the partner's signals, both put God in the centre of a well functioning marriage.

Both made clear how God looks at marriage, described which potential is included and encouraged us to join the exciting journey of leading a marriage with God as our common foundation.

When it came to challenging topics within our marriage, they always offered a safe environment including openness, honesty, discretion and confidentiality at the same time. We are impressed by their authentic way of letting us participate in all personal experiences within their marriage."

Jan & Julia Koch, Constance/ Germany


"For a couple of months, I have had the privilege to get mentored by Rainer. The goal is to make wise decisions for my life and put them into practice to grow both personally and professionally.

Rainer is able to recognize potentials and opportunities of change within my life. By asking clever questions, he has already made me realize certain things about myself and to work on them.

His fundamental faith in Jesus Christ and his knowledge about God's Word allow him to mentor with a holistic perspective and to pass on important insight - even in spiritual matters.

I am very grateful to Rainer for having been a faithful companion so far. I appreciate his trustworthy mentorship, his valuable advice and good friendship."

Stefan Vetter, Kreuzlingen/ Switzerland


"Thinking of Rainer and Kerstin, we immediately saw their passion to invest into marriages. We were able to see an unbelievable calling on their lives, willing to pass the biggest hurdles to fulfill their passion.

To us, it has been more than a simple conversation of questions and answers. Rainer and Kerstin align their answers on relationship, marriage and family with God's Word.

During our journey, we have quickly recognized how broad their knowledge is on the topic of marriage. This knowledge, in combination with their passion for God, has created a special atmosphere of security. We have always felt like home even when we got mentored throughout unpleasant topics.

There is a special gift and talent on their lives and we are thankful that they will continue to invest into other couples' lives.

We appreciate Rainer and Kerstin from the bottom of our hearts and are grateful to know them personally."

Daniel & Tamara Saurer, Tägerwilen/ Switzerland


"For Achim and myself, Rainer and Kerstin have been a huge blessing - we love that they took us on their personal and intimate journey with God and became a blessing, light, courage and hope for us and many others. THIS is what touched our hearts that much."

Kristin Teubner, Erlangen/ Germany